06th November

Invited Talk
  • 04:00 PM ~ Pirate Praveen

    • Title of the talk: Why we need Free Software activism even to be a Free Software user now?
    • About Pirate Praveen: Debian Developer and Privacy Advocate, Mastodon profile.
    • Abstract of the talk: In the initial days of Free Software, getting GNU/Linux installed on your systems were very challenging. Missing drivers for your display device, mistakenly formatting your hard disk, bootloader not configured correctly and many more. But to use Free Software, you did not have to convince anyone else. Now when it comes to day to day communications software, the technical challenge is no longer a big problem. You can install the app from app store with a few taps. But unless you convince your friends and family to switch, you will be mostly alone. So we need Free Software activism, even more than what we required earlier, even to be a Free Software user.

07th November

Lightning Talks
Invited Talk
  • 04:00 PM ~ Vishal Nehra

    • Title of the talk: Open source in Mobile Applications
    • About Vishal Nehra: Developer, Amaze File Manager. A tech enthusiast, with experience in working on web development. Outside work, you can find him working on new beats and composing music on his guitar and keyboard, GitHub profile.
    • Abstract of the talk: Talk will be focused around the mobile ecosystem, how android came out on the top, importance of app developers in building of an operating system, my own journey being an open source application developer, the challenges one can face being an open source mobile application developer, and how you can tackle them.

9th November

Ask me anything session

10th November

Ask me anything session

12th November

Ask me anything session

13th November

Hackathon begins - 08:00 AM

Invited Talk
  • 12:00 PM ~ Tarun Pothulapati

    • Title of the talk: Framework for building a FOSS project
    • About Tarun Pothulapati: Tarun Pothulapati is an Engineer at Buoyant working on Linkerd, An Open Source, CNCF Incubated Service Mesh project. He also spends his time contributing to various other smaller OSS projects. Recently, He has been very interested in Rust and Networking. He has been trying to not only work on fun projects but also contributes to OSS like tracing, etc in the Rust ecosystem. Apart from Work, He enjoys running and cycling, Twitter Profile.
    • Abstract of the talk: A lot of successful FOSS projects seems to have happened at random, unconsciously but that does not mean FOSS projects can only be built magically. In this talk, We will see on how to build a FOSS project starting from the selection of an idea, all the way till community building, releases, maintenance, sustainability. etc. On each of the sub-topic, we will see how tools like GitHub, Discourse, etc can help by reducing the burden on the maintainer, and also see some of the successful examples. By the end of this talk, I'm hoping the audience can get an end-to-end overview on what it takes to create and maintain a FOSS project. Obviously, All of this is built from my experience in building, using FOSS and also interacting with some of the maintainers.

Panel Discussion on FOSS & Education
  • 4:00 PM ~ Hosted by Anand Chitipothu

    About Panel Discussion on FOSS & Education: In this panel discussion, we plan to discuss Free and Open Source Software in education, covering use and creation of FOSS in academic institutions, current exposure to FOSS among students etc.


    About Anand Chitipothu: Anand has been crafting beautiful software since two decades. He has co-authored, a micro web framework in Python, built Open Library at the Internet Archive, created a machine learning platform at Rorodata, trained hundreds of engineers through his deep-dive courses at Pipal Academy.

14th November

Sponsors' Talk
Invited Talk
  • 12:00 PM ~ Atibhi Agrawal

    • Title of the talk: My FOSS Journey
    • About Atibhi Agrawal: Software Engineer at Twitter, Twitter Profile.
    • Abstract of the talk: Getting started with and navigating the open-source tech scene can be intimidating. In this talk, Atibhi hopes others can utilize and learn from her experiences. She will talk about her FOSS journey, growing one's technical skills, the challenges she faced and also how FOSS can help folks take their career to the next level.

Hackathon Ends

08:00 PM

Other Details

  • All the mentors will be available on our Telegram Group
  • The hacking will start on 13 Nov at 8:00 AM and will end on 14th Nov at 8:00 PM
  • Hackathon will be continue during the talk sessions
  • The duration of the invited talk will of 45 minutes and sponsored talks will be of 10 minutes