GramUp is a lightweight python program to backup your files. GramUp enables you unlimited cloud backup and easy restore functionality and that too for free. With GramUp, monthly bills for cloud storag

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Easily type Indian languages on any app in Mac natively using Varnam as the transliteration engine:

Diode is an easy to use API proxy to hide your API secrets and add common middlewares without implementing a backend! ✨

Create a library for MQTT over QUIC, leveraging the concureent streams of QUIC to multiplex the MQTT publishes and subscribes over to seperate streams.

A self-hostable platform to list and sell digital assets like e-books, audio etc. Open Source Gumroad!

A simple open-source, cross-platform, TOTP-based Authenticator for desktop that even your grandma could use :)

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A photo manager with pluggable data storage backends (starting with S3). Instead of paying for 100GB (which won't be used) and handing over pictures to a service provider like google, users can bring

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Mr.Green is an online platform to promote environmental activities.

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Tool to convert epub file to ReST files for Sphinx

A command line tool written in Python to find the difference between dates. (Project was originally titled dtdiff.)

A Pixel Art Editor

Introduce canned analytics in the field work and data collection platform Avni so that users get some basic reports and insights out of the box when they design their own custom MIS using Avni and sta

It's a project that keeps track of one's fitness. It displays the user's correct body posture, exercise count, calories burned, and workout day, among other things. It also features an air menu that a

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A minimal open-source Netlify alternative to self-host your static website automatically when a pull request is raised on Github.

ParkEazy is a mobile application to connect commuters to safe, secure, and digitized parking spaces within a city.

figlet like program to support Indian languages

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You know those days when you don't feel like doing anything? Or when a meeting saps all the energy out of you? With Peppy, you can track them! You log how energetic or motivated you feel throughout t

A self-hosted article saving, note-taking and a personal knowledge management system. Think bookmarking, but on steroids! In an era where self hosted apps are becoming more and more popular and an ag

Oplus is a virtual AI voice is a program that recognises natural language voice commands and does activities on the user's behalf.

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providing joy, a tiny creative coding library, as a port to p5.js

Modern open-source knowledge base using markdown

Eating a poor quality diet high in junk food is linked to a higher risk of obesity, depression, digestive issues, heart disease, and stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and early death. And as you might

A browser alert extension that helps you develop a healthy work routine. Cuckoo Dooku reminds you to chill out, stretch, drink water and be the best version of yourself!

A puzzle: Arrange the given graph such that the edges intersect only at the vertices

Looking for Members! is a free and open-source web application for event organizers to easily create 'immutable and tamper resistant' certificates powered by Blockchain and NFTs.

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Send and recv files with people around you with ease and speed

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An effective open source Engagement Builder UI component to facilitate users to create personalised journey for customer interactions across multiple engagement channels at various stages of customer

Rabbit Hole is a browser extension that tracks your journey through Wikipedia to create a map of your knowledge base. You can then annotate links between articles and add your own notes thereby creati

Auctioneer is a mobile app which keeps auctions for everyone and not only for unique items. It like a game for all classes of people.

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A tracker to track and motivate to learn everyday. Create your targets, monitor your day to day goals to improve your knowledge on topics you like.

This is free one to one video call with chat feature.

An application using Java for a convinient way for data storage and retrieval in Hospitals. Management would be able to store the patient data in mySql database and and perform CRUD operations easily.

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This is just a offline billing system made using python, tkinter module and mysql.

This project prevents abusive text content while chatting with others

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A customizable password manager that can store the passwords of the respective Accounts

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A specification and library to read e-PAN QR codes, created by reverse-engineering the Android mobile application.

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FOSS Alternative to Medium and LinkedIn.

Intuitively add (and view) bookmarks and annotations to a video file.

we came up with a solution to convert from standard sheet music formats to a braille-printable format.

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As the car increases in the parking problem also increases at the same pace. This project help in solving the problem with real-time management techniques.

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An OpenSource project which contains documentation and coding good for the first issue.

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A top-down rogue-like game with ASCII characters for sprites.

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Data analytics tool with visual query builder

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firedrill is an open-source malware simulation harness. Test your security controls effectiveness against malicious behaviours.

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A simple GUI that reminds you to take breaks in order to avoid eye fatigue.

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Spell checking reimagined

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A mindfulness app to keep track of your day and its activity in a better way also suggests an activity to keep yourself calm.

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Memebox is your personal meme database and a community wiki. You can bookmark your favourite memes, annotate them and read commentary to stay upto date with Indian Internet culture.

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A decentralised distributed cloud storage for unlimited free storage.

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