The FOSS Pledge

India is a thriving tech hub thanks to countless organisations building innovative technology on top of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) from across the globe. Indian developers represent one of the largest developer pools and yet, the number of FOSS projects that come out of India are abysmal compared to its global counterparts, and we rarely see technology-first companies acknowledge FOSS in their organisation. This simple FOSS pledge aims to serve as an impetus to organisations to start changing this status quo.

We pledge:

  1. To openly credit the FOSS that we use in our organisation and acknowledge the value we derive from them, wherever appropriate.
  2. To encourage our developers and technical staff to contribute to FOSS.
  3. To try and provide financial and other support to the FOSS projects that are valuable to our organisation.
  4. To publish notes on our aforementioned FOSS related activities annually.

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