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Hospital Management using JDBC and mySQL

An application using Java for a convinient way for data storage and retrieval in Hospitals. Management would be able to store the patient data in mySql database and and perform CRUD operations easily.

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A web application created using Java language which focus on providing Hospitals a more efficient and convinient way for managing patient details.While a patient is entering into hospital, at present most of the hospitals are using Hardcopy for storing the information regarding patient which is a difficult way. By using our project the process of storing info about patients become more easy.Not only storing but also retrieval or modification of info become less complex. The following operations can be done through this application; i) Inserting Patient info ii) Reading Patient info iii)Search by Name iv)Search by Patient ID v) Modify a Patient info vi)Delete a Patient info

Sajeesh P
Gowri Shangari E
Antony surya

Project created by Sajeesh P

November 14, 2021