FOSS+Industry Roundtable 2021

Bringing engineering leaders together to support free and open source software.

Industry Leaders

The roundtable will feature some of India's top engineering leadership

Mukund Acharya

Vice President of Engineering

Jyoti Ahuja

Director of Engineering

Rishi Pratap Singh

Director, Modernization Practice

Ramesh Parthasarthy

VP of Engineering

Vinayak Hegde

Microsoft for Startups

Anand Chitipothu

FOSS United (Moderator)

YouTube Live

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The goal of this session is to understand the industry's perspective of Free and Open Source Sofware and find ways to collborate with the community.

  1. Introductions
  2. How important is FOSS for your organizations? Are customers driving it? Speed? Cost? Innovation?
  3. What are FOSS initiatives already in place at your organizations
  4. Do you have FOSS goals? How can FOSS United help?

The session will be moderated by Anand Chitopothu.

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