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Edition 1 | October 2022

FOSS United Newsletter - First Edition

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As part of our #newAvenues, we've started a monthly newsletter with updates on our initiatives, events and major highlights in a nutshell. Your impact stories in nurturing the FOSS ecosystem would also have their place here, to signify your sublime work in your communities.

Upcoming Events

Monthly Meetup, Bengaluru

Our Monthly Meetups form an arena for FOSS contributors to talk about their contributions, the projects they have built, and to have open discussions. See more.


A wholesome initiative by the Kerala community bringing FOSS enthusiasts together. If you are an active contributor or a curious beginner, find your space here. 

15th October 2022, 8 30 AM - 6 PM | See more


The community initiative by the Delhi chapter, to bring software developers, communities and enthusiasts together. Witness FOSS product showcase, understand the latest issues and trends in open source and interact with fellow enthusiasts.

29 October 2022, 11 AM to 5 PM | RSVP


Coming Soon!

Calling out volunteers for FOSS Hack. Check out this thread for more details

FOSS Grants

FOSS grants are our way of supporting projects and hackathons that promote a FOSS culture. Some of our recently funded projects:


Efficient and scalable log storage and management platform. Cloud-native by design, Parseable ensures ease of deployment and use. It is compatible with standard logging agents like Fluent Bit, Logstash etc., Check out more.


An open-source and two-way communication platform for NGOs to chat with beneficiaries. Check out more.

Mon School Vitals

Mon School is an initiative that facilitates free learning of programming and dev tech from the basic to the intermediate level.

Develop your logical and coding abilities with Joy of Programming

  1. Explore other courses too.
  2. Coming Soon! - Relaunching Sketch of the Week (Win surprises on the go!)

Kickstart your projects

  1. Kickstart some good projects that enable you to apply your skills. 
  2. Checking out Self Hosting 101 course on Mon School may come in handy to know how to host a website or app on your server!

Callout for course creators

  1. Check out the details on the guidelines and grants offered.

That's it for this edition!

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