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Edition 2 | November 2022

The second edition of the FOSS United Monthly Newsletter.

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FOSS United is back with the second edition of our monthly newsletter series.

If you've missed our previous edition, no worries! It's now published on our blog.

Happy reading :-)

Upcoming Events

November Monthly Meetup, Bengaluru

Another round of our monthly meetups, where we encourage FOSS enthusiasts to talk about their FOSS contributions, the projects they've worked on and known about, and have open conversations.

Date: Sat 12 Nov 2022, 3 - 5 PM

Venue: Razorpay, Bengaluru

Hot Picks

KochiFOSS and DelhiFOSS

The fully volunteer-run city editions of the IndiaFOSS Conference happened in Kochi and Delhi in Oct 2022. New proposals for mini-conferences in Mumbai and Chennai are in motion, and excitement is in store for how they brew! 

Talk by Richard Stallman

The founder of the Free Software Foundation and lead developer at GNU, Richard Stallman shared a talk at Reva University, Bangalore. 

TLDR by Lakshay from the FOSS United community about the talk : 

  1. Standard intro with his TED video explaining the basics of free software, etc
  2. Talked briefly about GNU taler, and his issues with UPI.
  3. Explained GNU health, how it's helpful to run a clinic
  4. Took lots of questions in writing. Few questions like views on systems, etc. Most questions were general stuff like how to practically avoid proprietary software. 
  5. I asked him about the project that was personally most satisfying - GNU, Emacs, GCC, etc. to which he replied that GCC was fun, but he handled most such projects.
  6. General issues with big companies - Amazon, Google, Apple, etc.
  7. In the end, a bid was hosted on the signed book and GNU stuff toy. (I bid and got the stuffed toy 😬)

FOSS Grants for Hackathons

If you are in need of a grant to support your hackathon, you can check out the guidelines for our hackathon grant. 

Hackathons that received grants recently : 

  1. BarCamp Bangalore
  2. CentuRITon
  3. DevCreate 2.0


Mon School Vitals

Relaunching Sketch of the Week

Mon School Sketches provide an interesting stage to showcase your creative coding skills. Sketch of the Week will be launched in the 3rd week of November, with the best sketches profiled on the platform and social handles. 

Upcoming Courses:

  1. Data Analysis with Python
  2. Git and GitHub for Beginners
  3. Building CLIs with Python

If you are interested in contributing to Mon School, check out our guidelines for course creation. We are on the lookout for good course creators!

Two editions of our monthly newsletter were rolled out. If you have any feedback, please share them here.


That's it for this edition!

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