Initiatives by FOSS United

  1. FOSS Grant: Provides grants to support FOSS projects, encouraging innovation and collaboration.

  2. Events: Organizes and sponsors events like IndiaFOSS and FOSS Hack to foster collaboration and celebrate FOSS.

  3. Public Policy Initiative: Engages in research and advocacy related to public FOSS policies to influence government regulations.

  4. OASIS: A network of organizations united by the vision that FOSS can empower social entrepreneurship and citizen sector organizations and communities to create a positive impact at scale.

  5. FOSS Clubs Program: Establishes and supports FOSS clubs in educational institutions.

  6. FOSS Pledge: A public declaration of support for FOSS.

  7. Mon School: Provides quality education focusing on creativity and critical thinking.

  8. Job Board: Connects FOSS developers with organizations looking to hire.

  9. FOSS Event Grant: Provides financial support to community-driven FOSS events.

These initiatives reflect FOSS United's multifaceted approach to promoting FOSS in India. By actively engaging in these diverse areas, FOSS United aims to play a vital role in shaping the FOSS landscape in the country.

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