Where I can find the community?

FOSS United members are primarily available through various online platforms and community forums. Here's where you can find and engage with them:

  1. FOSS United Forum: The FOSS United Forum is a central place where members, volunteers, and enthusiasts discuss topics related to FOSS, share ideas, ask questions, and collaborate on projects.

  2. Telegram Group: Most of the member discussions happen on the FOSS United Telegram group. It's a vibrant community where you can engage in real-time conversations, share insights, and connect with fellow FOSS enthusiasts. There are specific Telegram Groups for all the city chapters of FOSS United can be found on this page.

  3. Social Media Channels: FOSS United members may also be active on various social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Mastodon. Following these channels can keep you updated on the latest news, events, and opportunities to engage with the community.

  4. Mailing Lists and Newsletters: Subscribing to FOSS United's mailing lists or newsletters can provide regular updates, announcements, and opportunities to participate in the community's activities.

  5. Events and Conferences: FOSS United organizes and participates in various events, conferences, and hackathons. Attending these events can provide opportunities to meet and network with FOSS United members in person. Visit the event timeline to find out all the upcoming events.

By engaging with FOSS United through these channels, you can become an active part of the community, contribute to its initiatives, and connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about Free and Open Source Software.