Who's Behind FOSS United?

The people behind FOSS United include a mix of dedicated individuals, industry partners, and volunteers who are committed to fostering the growth and development of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in India.

  1. Core Team: The core team at FOSS United consists of professionals who manage various aspects of the foundation's work, including community management, FOSS policy research, grants programs, FOSS Clubs, financials, partnership management, and more.

  2. Volunteers: A vibrant community of volunteers actively contributes to FOSS United's projects and events. These volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and bring unique skills and perspectives to the foundation's work.

  3. Director: The foundation also has a board comprising experienced professionals and thought leaders in the FOSS community. They provide strategic guidance and support to the foundation's leadership.

  4. Industry Partners: FOSS United is joined by 11 industry organizations (with more continually joining) that provide vital monetary support. These partners are essential in advancing our mission to promote and expand the use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Through their financial contributions, they help us empower the FOSS community and advocate for its adoption. To become a partner, visit the partner's page.

The collective efforts of these individuals and organizations have enabled FOSS United to become a prominent advocate for FOSS in India, promoting innovation, collaboration, and the spirit of hacking and tinkering.

For specific names and details of the team members, you may refer to FOSS United's About page or other official sources provided by the foundation.