Inclusivity and Diversity

We welcome everyone, irrespective of their background, expertise, or affiliations, to join, contribute, and flourish within our community.

Collaboration and Participation

Our ethos is rooted in open collaboration, shared knowledge, and collective problem-solving. We foster a milieu where every idea is valued, and every contribution is acknowledged.

Respect and Understanding

We are committed to nurturing a culture of respect and understanding. A comprehensive Code of Conduct will guide our interactions, ensuring a congenial and supportive environment akin to the respectful culture in the community.

Transparency and Openness

We uphold the principles of transparency and openness in all our endeavors. Our decision-making processes and discussions are open, inviting feedback and contributions from all community members.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

Our community is a crucible for continuous learning, sharing, and improvement. We promote a culture of curiosity and growth, encouraging every member to learn, share, and evolve.

No Gatekeeping

We respect the diversity in choices of tools and technologies. Rather than imposing specific FOSS solutions, we aim to educate and suggest, allowing individuals to make informed decisions.

User Privacy and Control

Advocacy for software solutions that prioritize user privacy and control is fundamental to our principles. We strive to promote solutions that empower users rather than encroach upon their privacy.

Open Standards

Our advocacy extends to open standards ensuring interoperability, data portability, and a collaborative ecosystem. We believe open standards are pivotal for a cohesive and innovative ecosystem.