Volunteering options at FOSS United encompass a wide range of activities that allow individuals to contribute their skills, time, and passion to the community. Here's a breakdown of the main volunteering options:

  1. Design and Creativity: Graphic designers and creative individuals can contribute by designing visuals, logos, and other creative assets.

  2. Event Organization and Participation: Help in organizing and running community events like hackathons, conferences, and meetups.

  3. Community Engagement: Engage with the community on the FOSS United forum, answer questions, participate in discussions, and foster a positive environment.

  4. Educational Initiatives: Contribute to educational programs like FOSS Clubs, Mon School, and others by teaching, mentoring, or creating educational materials.

  5. Public Policy Advocacy: Work on initiatives related to public policy, legal matters, and advocacy for open-source software.

  6. Financial Support: Assist in fundraising, sponsorships, and managing financial aspects of the community. For companies, we have an Industry Partnership program to help us financially. For individuals, you can pay us any amount. The donors can avail the 80G and CSR tax benefit from their donation.

  7. Marketing and Outreach: Help in promoting FOSS United's initiatives, writing blog posts, managing social media, and spreading awareness.

  8. Join Specialized Teams: Depending on your skills and interests, you may join specialized teams working on specific projects or initiatives.

  9. Code Contributions: If you're a developer, you can contribute code to various open-source projects supported by FOSS United.

  10. Custom Contributions: If you have unique skills or ideas, you can propose custom contributions that align with FOSS United's mission.

Volunteering with FOSS United offers a chance to collaborate with like-minded individuals, contribute to meaningful projects, and make a positive impact in the open-source community. To volunteer head over to this post on the forum.