First Commit

A series on contributors working with large and interesting FOSS projects

Join us for Ask Me Anything style discussions with our guest speakers and learn about how you can get started making serious contributions to some really interesting FOSS projects!

What you can expect to get:

  • A brief on the focus project/repository.
  • A gentle introduction to the field/area of interest surrounding the project.
  • Contribution stories of the speaker, with code showcases and notes on some of the interesting learnings they took away from their contributions.
  • Where is the project headed and how can beginners help?
  • Are you the right contributor and how can you get started contributing?

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Goutham Veeramachaneni

Contributing to the Prometheus

Yuvi Panda

Contributor to Project Jupyter

Nabarun Pal

Contributing to Kubernetes

Sridhar K. N. Rao

Contributor to OPNFV-VSPERF

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