Meet the CEO of FOSS United Foundation

FOSS United's growth, CEO announcement, and future plans.

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We've witnessed a huge growth of the FOSS community over the last four years here in India. It all began with the IndiaOS Conference (now IndiaFOSS) in January 2020, held in Bengaluru. To the folks at Frappe and Zerodha, who organized it, it was obvious to continue doing this seeing the interest from the community.

FOSS United now have various programs and activities to promote FOSS in India, including FOSS College Clubs, City Chapters, FOSS Grants (restarting), Yearly events (IndiaFOSS and FOSS Hack), Public Policy, and FOSS Explained (short education content). Managing this exponential growth with our young but committed team has been challenging but truly rewarding. As we continue to build this community, we recognize the need to review our processes and structures to reach greater heights.

With this aspiration, I am delighted to announce that Poruri Sai Rahul, a dedicated volunteer for over a year and a past Tech+Public Policy scholar, will join us as the CEO of FOSS United Foundation. With Rahul joining the foundation, I'm more confident in achieving the vision Kailash and Rushabh set in 2020.

In related news, Kailash and Rushabh will be resigning as the Directors of FOSS United Foundation, however, they'll continue to support and participate as community members. Rahul and I will be taking up their positions as Directors.

I request your continued support to FOSS United and look forward to further growth of this vibrant community.

Vishal Arya,

Program Director,

FOSS United Foundation

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