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FOSS events happening in Feb 2021

Here is the list of FOSS events happening in February 2021 in India.

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Bangalore observability Meetup

A meetup about Open Source monitoring & observability. They will talk about open and community-driven tools that solve the observability problem at scale.

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Date - 6th Feb, 10:00AM

3 Day workshop on Electronic Circuit Simulation using eSim

Electronic Circuit Simulation can be regarded as an important aspect of the undergraduate curriculum of Electronics Engineering/ Electrical Engineering/ Instrumentation Engineering disciplines. The aim of this workshop is to work out a methodology to teach these courses more effectively at the undergraduate level. Exposure to this basic skill is indispensable to researchers as well.

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Date - 11th - 13th Feb.

FOSS Meetup

FOSS Meetup happens online every month's 2nd Saturday, at 2 PM. The goal of this meetup is to promote building FOSS in India. Students & young developers, FOSS contributors, Open Hardware developers, Designers and everyone who want to learn and build something can join this meet.

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Date - 13th Feb, 2 PM

DjanGirls Belagavi

Django girls Belagavi meetup


Date - 13th Feb, 11 AM


WordCamp India 2021 is a regional online WordCamp spanning three weekends from Jan 30 to Feb 14, 2021. You can listen to the talks happening on 13th and 14th Feb

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Date - 13th, 14th Feb

Introdcution to Git

Introdcution to Git (for beginners).

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Date - 13th, Feb, 10 AM

FOSS+Industry Roundtable 2021

Bringing engineering leaders together to support free and open source software.

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Date - 20th, Feb, 6-7 PM

BangPypers Meetup

Bangalore Python User Group monthly meetup.

More details here

Date - 20th Feb

Rust Bangalore Meetup

Bangalore Rust User Group monthly meetup

More details here

Date - 27th Feb, 11 AM

If you find any other upcoming events, please share details at FOSS United Forum or write to me at

last update - 17th Feb 2021

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