Building mentorship opportunities at your FOSS communities

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Mentoring and training new contributors in an open-source organization is challenging for both maintainers and new participants. It's difficult for organizations to engage new contributors who actively add value to the community and create an inclusive, safe environment for learning and growth.

This talk will focus on creating effective mentorship opportunities in your open-source organization and addressing the associated challenges. Attendees will learn to:

-  Identify challenges in attracting new contributors.

-  Locate suitable mentorship opportunities for newcomers.

-  Establish a mentorship working group within the community.

-  Connect mentors with new contributors.

-  Implement best practices in organizing mentorship activities.

We will explore strategies for managing mentorship initiatives, allocating resources and mentors, and running your own mentorship program. The session will also include Harsh's insights from his experiences as an administrator and mentor, discussing how to adapt mentorship roles to develop the right skills and enthusiasm in contributors while managing some tough challenges.

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