The significance of FOSS in making systems truly "Personal" Computers: An introduction to free and open source tools used for ricing.

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The primary goal of this talk is to introduce people to the different free and open source software/tools that are significantly used for "ricing" Linux based OSes and to break down the process of ricing a Linux based desktop. By discussing various aspects of customization, from terminal configurations, desktop environments and window managers to themes and icons, participants will gain the knowledge and confidence required to build a Linux based environment that suits their preferences and needs all the while learning about the importance and significance of free software. People will also be introduced to the entire Linux "ricing" community in general.

The talk will focus both on how to customize a Linux based environment as well as the importance and significance of FOSS and how it is important for the entire ricing community.

The Session Reference section contains the link to a repo containing my current Linux based setup configurations which will be used as a base and built upon to introduce people to some significant free and open source programs and tools that can be used to customize a Linux based environment. Please note that the repo mentioned above will not be the only source of information and this will be more of an interactive session rather than a lecture. However, this will not be a direct hands-on workshop since that would require a significant amount of time.

Feel free to contact me on venkatesh[at]tablaster[dot]dev if any further information/context is required related to the talk.

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