From Concept to Creation: The Journey of An Open-Source Watch

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We start with the journey of creating the T1, an open-source e-paper watch designed for makers and tech enthusiasts. This will delve into the initial inspiration behind the T1, the challenges faced in integrating e-paper technology with wearable design, and the collaborative efforts involved in bringing the smartwatch to life.

Discover the technical hurdles overcome in software development and hardware integration, learn about the tools and techniques used in the design process, and gain insights into the community-driven approach that helped refine and release the T1 for others to build. This talk will not only cover the technical aspects but also discuss the open-source philosophy that underpins the project, encouraging innovation and sharing in the tech community.

Whether you're a seasoned developer or a curious maker, this session will provide a comprehensive overview of what it takes to bring a complex DIY hardware project from concept to reality.

Video of the Build Along:
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