Product & Community Lessons from 8 years of Social Impact FOSS

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I would like to talk about my learning in FOSS Software Product Development, especially when building software for Social Impact Sector -- low resource environments like NGOs, and Government settings.

Angshuman and I did a related talk some years ago on this topic. But, for this session, I will bring in some additional & different perspectives. See the old talk here:

Topics I will like to cover: Techniques for harnessing volunteers, creating evolutionary product documentation, Designing with the customer, Architecting for extensibility, Focus on increasing adoption, Security Pitfalls, etc.

I will also share stories of some of Bahmni hospital software clients, their challenges and how inspiring their work is.

The focus is to help FOSS teams understand, what it takes to build a long running sustainable FOSS Product. This is a large topic, and I can speak on it for an hour also, if people want : ) Based on the time I will be allotted, I will prune it accordingly.

Attendees: Any role that is contributing to FOSS. Will be most helpful to Product Managers, Community Managers or Tech Leads, etc. For others, it will make them aware of Bahmni software, and how it works, and how they can contribute.

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