LLVM Bangalore @ IndiaFOSS: Scaling a niche community to 1900 and beyond!

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Tech communities in niche/non mainstream topics often struggle with low turnout during meet-ups and poor participation in general which causes many communities to die out.

LLVM Social Bangalore is a compiler community based out of Bangalore that defies this trend.Not only have we scaled a niche topic (compilers) to 1900+ members - making it one of the largest, if not the largest compiler community in the world. We have also built up a network of top academicians, industry experts, students and novices who regularly contribute to this community.

We have invited presentations from industry experts, professors and doctoral students from India and abroad. Last year, we hosted a series of lectures on Compiler tools and technologies that was attended by over 500 people!

What does a compiler meet-up entail anyway? What is the work being carried out in this area? Why should you care? How did we scale this community to so many people? To know the answer to these questions and more, attend our session!

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