Getting started with Inkscape: FOSS Logo Designing

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The goal of this workshop is to introduce Inkscape to people interested in designing logos and posters, or someone curious about vector graphics in general even.

Inkscape is a FOSS vector graphics editing program that uses SVG as its backing file format.

In this workshop I plan to cover the following things (roughly in this order):

  • Differences between raster and vector graphics
  • Downloading and installing Inkscape
  • An introduction to Inkscape's user interface - the various toolbars, the canvas, dialogs, etc
  • Basic terminology about vector objects - fill and stroke for example
  • Various boolean operations on vector objects (union, difference, etc)
  • Discussing how a complex shape can be made using multiple simple shapes
  • Designing an actual logo using a reference
  • Where to go next to learn more
  • How to contribute to the Inkscape project

In the process of recreating the logo, I'll show various features of Inkscape, and share the thought process when working with vector shapes.

Note: Although it's not strictly necessary, having a mouse greatly speeds up the designing process. I'd encourage attendees to bring a mouse if possible.

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Inkscape is a great tool, worth having a workshop on it.
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