Unexpected popularity of my hobby project: Ups and downs of being an OSS project maintainer

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I made a hugo theme with a friend when I couldn't find any existing theme to my liking. We built everything in open but goal was just to build something me and my friend could use. Our project got somewhat popular organically and along the way we learnt a lot of things:

  • Handling bug reports
  • Planning features without breaking existing flow
  • Responding to absurd feature requests
  • The out-of-no-where I fixed this already working thing PR that no one asked for
  • The "difficult" users
  • Growing in popularity

We'll dive into the journey, dealing with the difficulties and general tips for juggling everything

Note: This is not a project showcase since I won't be talking much into the the details of the project. The talk is more about the journey, managing time, handling different kinds of contributors with some weird & funny instances

PS: This is a 20 min talk but CFP won't let me update it from 10 mins

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I think this will give an overview about what it takes to maintain a OS project.
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