Testing Microservices with DevPod and Keploy

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DevPod is a popular tool used to create reproducible developer environments. It uses the open DevContainer standard to create a consistent developer experience no matter what backend you want to use, and If your target isn't ready, not containerizable or just too heavy for testing as is, you can always use testing tools, e.g. Keploy or MockServer in the Python ecosystem. Can you combine both approaches? Sure!

In this talk, we will discuss application areas for Keploy and DevPod, we will discuss putting Keploy into DevPod, and getting the best from their features thanks to the new Keploy's Zero-code Integration capabilities.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Find out the real-life challenges face today by developers.
  2. Learn about some practical fixes for these challenges.
  3. Engage in a lively Q&A session
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