Opensource Algotrading Framework

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Introduction to OpenALGO

• Gain a comprehensive overview of OpenALGO and understand its purpose in the trading ecosystem.

• Learn about the significance of open-source projects in driving innovation in technology and finance.

2. How OpenALGO Works

• Explore the basic architecture of OpenALGO and how it functions.

• Understand the seamless integration with Indian brokers and various trading platforms.

• Discover the key technologies powering OpenALGO

3. Getting Started

• Step-by-step guidance on setting up OpenALGO for personal use.

• Learn about the essential prerequisites and setup instructions to get you started.

4. Benefits of Using OpenALGO

• Discover the flexibility and customization options that OpenALGO offers.

• Understand the cost-effectiveness of using an open-source solution compared to proprietary alternatives.

• Learn about the robust community support and continuous improvements driving the project forward.

5. Practical Demonstration

• Witness a live demo showcasing how to execute trades using OpenALGO.

• See real-world examples of trading strategies implemented within the OpenALGO framework.

6. Community and Contributions

• Learn how you can contribute to the OpenALGO project and become a part of the vibrant community.

• Understand the importance of community involvement in the growth and success of open-source projects.

7. Q&A Session

• Engage with the speaker and get your questions answered.

• Participate in an interactive discussion to deepen your understanding of OpenALGO.

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