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UrbanEmissions.Info is a repository of Air Pollution Information founded by Dr. Sarath Guttikunda and Ms. Puja Jawahar in 2007.

Air pollution is a major problem in cities of the world with direct consequences to health and quality of life. However, the tools to study air pollution are complex, data-intensive and often proprietary. As a result, many secondary and tertiary cities are unable to conduct research on air pollution. UrbanEmissions.Info has been developing open-source versions of these tools and datasets to help city managers, regulators, academia and citizen groups in integrated air quality management of a city. UrbanEmissions.Info has so far published data repositories of Air Quality Forecasts, Satellite retrievals and calculators that help simulate various aspects of the air pollution. We call these family of tools as "Simple Interactive Models for better air quality" (SIM-air)

UrbanEmissions.Info has been reaching out to citizen groups across the country to share this knowledge and tools on air pollution. In the session, I would like to give an overview of the 15+ years of work that has been open sourced by UrbanEmissions.Info. I would like to demonstrate the tools that we use, share the science of air quality and our experience of being in the open source, open data ecosystem for more than 15 years.

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