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FOSS events happening in Jan 2021

Looking for FOSS events happening in Jan 2021? Here is the list of events you can look at and participate in.

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MiniDebConf India 2021

MiniDebConf India is a conference where Indian Debian contributors get together to work on Debian with the aim to expand the Debian community in the sub-continent and thus to increase the number of active contributors to the project. It is happening on 23rd and 24th January 2021.


More on their website

BelPy 2021

BelPy 2021 is an online Python conference happening on 30th and 31st Jan 2021, organized by Team Python Belagavi. At BelPy 2021 - Python users, or people interested in Python, gather to learn from each other and meet other members of the community. FOSS United is a community sponsor of BelPy 2021.


More on their website

BangPypers January Talk

Date: 23rd Jan

More on BangPypers meetup group

Chennaipy January Meetup

Date: 23rd Jan

More on Chennaipy meetup group

If you find any other upcoming events, please write to me at

Update: Added BangPypers and Chennaipy monthly meetups

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