Egde-enabled Mobile Application Development Framework

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  • Problem: Business enterprises increasingly opt for mobile applications to effectively interact with their clients. Nevertheless, conventional mobile application deployments have difficulty achieving a harmonious balance between user experience and the wide range of device release dates, operating system support, storage capacity, computational power, and other factors.
  • These difficulties are especially common in developing nations because of the elevated expenses associated with buying or upgrading mobile devices, which leads to reselling and redistributing older devices. Furthermore, the end users may fail to adhere to optimal methods for maintaining cyber security hygiene.
  • Proposed Solution: This talk introduces a new framework designed for the mobile app ecosystem. Using multi-access edge computing, the framework is platform-independent, release-agnostic, and secure. It minimizes the computing and storage resources needed on the user's device by transferring the mobile application's functionalities to the edge.
  • Evaluation: The framework's attributes are evaluated by numerous tests conducted in an open-source 5G test environment, including various Android and other open-source applications. The analysis of leading mobile banking applications shows that our framework is compatible with several platforms and may be released without specific requirements.

Note: It is a futuristic FOSS contribution. The presentation includes a video demonstration of the technologies used and an architecture walkthrough.

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