What is FOSS United?

FOSS United Foundation is a registered non-profit organization founded in 2020, dedicated to fostering the growth and development of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) projects and communities in India. It is the successor of the ERPNext foundation, which had similar goals, and was started as a collaboration between the teams at Frappe and Zerodha. See the disclaimer here.

The foundation's main objectives are:

  1. Promoting the Spirit of Hacking and Tinkering: Encouraging innovation and creativity within the tech community.

  2. Building Quality FOSS for Public Good: Creating open-source projects that benefit the public and contribute to the global FOSS ecosystem.

  3. Enabling and Evangelizing the Use of FOSS: Promoting the use of FOSS in various sectors including academia, social sector, industry, and government.

FOSS United Foundation aims to provide grassroots support to FOSS projects and events and evolve into a community-industry collaboration with a diverse group of members and patrons. The foundation has 8+ industry partners and is actively inviting more organizations to join.

The team consists of dedicated individuals who help with accounts, financials, community management, public FOSS policy research, grants programs, and more. There are also active volunteers who contribute to various aspects of the foundation's work.

The foundation is concerned about the overshadowing of the spirit of FOSS and hacking in India, given the thriving industry and the low number of quality FOSS projects coming out of the country. Through its initiatives, FOSS United aims to revive this spirit and make a significant impact on the FOSS landscape in India.