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Privacy Indicator App

Let's get the famous "Recording Indicators" feature of iOS14 to android. Get notified every time a third-party app or a service uses a camera or microphone.

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Privacy Indicators for Android

Get notified every time a third-party app or a service uses camera or microphone. Inspired from ios14 recording indicators.
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Check out the Demo Video 📽 on Youtube

Made with ❤️ by Nitish Gadangi
Built in FOSS HACKS 2020

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Back Story

Recording Indicators in iOS14 : With iOS 14, Apple is introducing a camera and microphone recording indicator in the status bar. It will appear as an orange dot above the signal bar. The idea of a recording indicator is to alert users whenever the mic or camera are being used. The feature will give users more control over data and privacy. enter image description here

However Android lacks such kind of privacy feature. Apparently, any app can use your Camera and Mic without any special notification (once you have granted the permission). This might give a door for Malware to run a service in the background and Track everything you do Visually and Might be a threat to your privacy.

With the increase in usage of Online Platforms for Audio and Video Conferences, it's important to track which app is accessing your Camera or Microphone in the Realtime.

This Meme says it all..... 😛

enter image description here

About Privacy Indicators app

Privacy Indicators will bring the above Recording Indicators feature of iOS 14 to Android (With more extra features and Customizations 🥳).

  • Get Notified every time any third-party app is accessing your Camera.

  • Get Notified every time any app is accessing your Microphone.

  • You can customize indicator color and its position

  • Option to enable Haptic feedback when indicators appear

  • You can turn off any individual features in required

So faar the above features are built in the FOSS HACKs Time Period is live on the current version(v0.11)

So install the app and will never have trust issues with the Camera and Mic usage 😉.

This Service/App doesn\'t have any permission to use the internet or your device\'s camera, microphone, or any other Hardware. And will NOT gather any data whatsoever.

What will be in Next Releases

This app is completely Free and OpenSource so anyone can Request a Feature or Report a Bug.

Also, any kind of Contributions always encouraged.

The code is completely clean and well organized, so can you can understand and start contributing in no-time. (Special credits to Myself 😛)

Here are some features which are good to have in the upcoming releases.

  • Log all details about the App which are accessing the Camera and Microphone in Realtime

  • Add an option for Notification Alert (UI is done)

  • App option to use Notification indicator Hardware as Privacy Indicator

  • Feature to set the size of the Indicators

  • Change Opacity of the Indicators

And many more possible Features and Customizations.

How to Use

Download the App from Releases or directly from Here

  1. This App will work only on devices with Android 7.0 (API level 24) and above, so make sure you having the compatible device.

  2. After installing the App, Enable the Service from the Accessibility Settings.

  3. You can Customise the Indicators color and position as per your choice from the Home.

  4. Also if required you can enable the Vibration Feedback option.

  5. Kudos 🤝, You are good to go.

  6. The Service keeps running in the background and automatically starts even you restart the mobile 😎.


Screenshot1 Screenshot2 Screenshot3
Screenshot4 Screenshot5 Screenshot6

Download from here:

Download from G Drive.

Access all the releases from Releases tab.

Will be Soon Live on Playstore and other platforms


The code is completely clean and well organized, so can you can understand and start contributing in no-time. (Special credits to Myself 😛)

Here are the instructions to set up the Developer Environment for the Contribution


Note: This is only needed if you want to contribute to the project.

If you want to contribute to the project you will have to create your own copy of the project on GitHub. You can do this by clicking the Fork button that can be found on the top right corner of the landing page of the repository.


Note: For this, you need to install git on your machine. You can download the git tool from here.

  • If you have forked the project, run the following command -

git clone

where YOUR_GITHUB_USER_NAME is your GitHub handle.

  • If you haven't forked the project, run the following command -

git clone

Setting Up the Project

If you have cloned the project its time to open it. The recommended IDE for the project is Android Studio. You can download the latest version of Android studio here.

Follow the steps below to open the project in Android Studio

  1. Open Android Studio.
  2. Click on Open an existing Android Studio Project.

  1. Browse to the directory where you cloned the project.
  2. Select the Privacy-Indicator-App directory and click open.
  3. Android Studio will download the libraries required to run the project and open it in a new window.

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Thanks to ibrahimsn98 for SmoothBottomBar Library and making its integration super simple

Thanks to Dhaval2404 for the amazing ColorPicker for Android

Special Credits to sanjaveljanoska for the awesome icon

Made with ❤️ by Nitish

Nitish Gadangi

Finally done with the submission

Made all the required changes.

and Updated the Video.

Check out the Demo Video here on youtube

Thanks for the awesome Support from Mentors and other Volunteers.

September 13, 2020

Updated the Read me with all the Required Info,

Released the Initial Beta Build here

Will start preparing the Demo Video.

So far so good. 😁

September 13, 2020

Added the First Test Release in the Release tab of Repo

So Far

  • Added accessibility service and it's corresponding Details
  • Enabled Camera Indicator
  • Enable Microphone Indicator
  • Added optional Haptic Feedback
  • Added Color Picker for setting colors for indicators

TODO:: Option to enable Notifications for Indicators

September 13, 2020

UI building is almost done

Time to start writing the Backend Logic

September 12, 2020

Done with the IDE setup. Started Working on the Project.

September 12, 2020

Project created by Nitish Gadangi

September 10, 2020