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Front-End Developer

Saasvaap Techies Pvt Ltd

July 27, 2023
Trivandrum/Dubai Full Time

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• Strong working knowledge of HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript. •JavaScript Frameworks/Libraries: Experience with frontend frameworks such as React and their integration with geospatial libraries like Cesium and OpenLayers. • Knowledge of web architectures and the HTTP protocol. • Understanding of scalability/availability in web applications. • Cesium: A thorough understanding of Cesium, an open-source JavaScript library for creating 3D globes and maps, including knowledge of its core concepts, usage, and visualization capabilities. •GIS Concepts: Knowledge of Geographic Information System (GIS) concepts, including coordinate systems, map projections, spatial data representation, and geospatial analysis techniques. •Performance Optimization: Proficiency in optimizing geospatial applications built with Cesium and OpenLayers for performance, including efficient rendering of large datasets, tile caching, and utilizing hardware acceleration. • Data Visualization: Experience in visualizing geospatial data using Cesium and OpenLayers, including creating interactive maps, overlays, and visual elements to present geospatial information effectively. • Spatial Data Formats: Familiarity with spatial data formats supported by Cesium and OpenLayers, such as GeoJSON, KML, and others, for importing and displaying geospatial data. • Map Styling and Design: Ability to apply custom styles, including cartographic principles and design concepts, to maps rendered using Cesium and OpenLayers

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