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Memebox is your personal meme database and a community wiki. You can bookmark your favourite memes, annotate them and read commentary to stay upto date with Indian Internet culture.


Key Features Planned for the Hackathon :

  1. Forward a url of an image/video/text you see on facebook, twitter, instagram and memebox will download the media item and save it for you.

  2. First class support for multilingual content and users.

  3. Users can contribute annotations(tags, metadata) and commentary on the memes making it easy for readers to find context and keep up with every new meme

  4. Similar memes will be aggregated by memebox leading to consolidated knowledge on a meme

  5. Public API to access all the meme data to facilitate building community apps on top of this data.

  6. Possible User Interfaces could be web or mobile app.

I have created a github discussion to finalize the features for the hackathon here. Feel free to add criticism and feedback there.

Denny George

If you are visiting this during the hackathon, please head to our github discussion if you wish to help/participate

November 13, 2021

Project created by Denny George

November 6, 2021