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A minimal open-source Netlify alternative to self-host your static website automatically when a pull request is raised on Github.

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Let's say you have a repository for a static website on Github. When a developer raises a PR, anybody who wants to review the website would have to pull the changes, build the project and only then be able to review the website. This pain can be avoided by automatically deploying the PR branch to some server and sharing the link in the PR.

Coolify is a open-source Netlify alternative that already does this. However, that scope of Coolify is very large as it supports database integration, analytics, etc. With this project, we are trying to create a minimal open-source alternative to Netlify.

We thank Anand Chitipothu for this idea. monschool-website will find a immediate use for this service (Link to relevant issue)

Harshit Agarwal
Sukhdeep Singh Gill

Project created by Harshit Agarwal

November 13, 2021