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An open-source app for managing personal finances that uses gamification to encourage users to make savings and reach their financial goals.

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Voice Calculator is a Flutter application that allows users to perform calculations using their voice input. It provides a user interface with buttons for manual input as well as a voice recognition f

Our mental health blog is designed using HTML, CSS, and other basic web development tools to create an engaging and user-friendly platform for individuals to share their thoughts and experiences relat

Raven is a simple work messaging tool that is built using Frappe Framework and can be installed on any new or existing Frappe site (e.g. in addition to ERPNext or Gameplan). It is designed to help tea

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Inside the Classrooms of BCA Colleges in Pune A Studens Perspective

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simple calculator

Kukkee is a fast, free and open source meeting poll tool

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casual snake game

QUIC or RFC 9000 solves some interesting challenges that have great prospect in solving the problems in IoT networks. rumqtt is a pure rust implementation of the MQTT protocol, by adding support for Q

A structured website for efficient learning and an inbuilt Resume Builder.

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A prototype for realtime peer to peer collaborative shopping cart.

Welcome to our open source cafe website. Our menu features fair trade coffee and locally sourced baked goods. This Project is built using HTML and CSS only .

Wiki-Bulky --> Bulk download of media files from Wikimedia commons & Bulk upload of words with meaning to Wikitionary.

Spell4Wiki > Spell For Wiktionary(Wikimedia Commons). Spell4Wiki is mobile app for upload audio files to Wikimedia commons and Wiktionary based multilingual dictionary.

The 6 degree-of-freedom rocket model is a simulation that accurately predicts the trajectory, apogee, and other parameters of a rocket during flight. It takes into account atmospheric conditions, turb

This project will bring in advanced code search features to VS code. This includes a search query language and other capabilities.

Notes, articles, and PDF files across multiple web pages, made easy to annotate and organize via a user-friendly extension (and friends)

API Dash is a beautiful open-source cross-platform HTTP Client that can help you explore APIs.

Our application is to popularize and promote the system of carbon credits to the common people as a way of income along with sustainableย development.

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Works similar to the normal calci for n inputs without any declaration of size

A puzzle: Arrange the given graph such that the edges intersect only at the vertices

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FossFolio is a web application that lets you host events and hackathons and lets users buy tickets for your events. we provide a dashboard to the event host to access participants' info. in our beta v

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Internet is being widely used as means of communication and referred as window to the world. People now rely on the internet to search for information, to purchase merchandise and to be informed of di

A free and open source web extension for users to filter out websites for content reading based on their preferred priorities.

Simple way to deploy and monitor applications and databases on cloud

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Contributing to a open source charity platform based in Himachal Pradesh

A bookmark management web app with sleek UI and cool features

Helping people suffering from Dyslexia to read websites easily with an open source tool

Preview furniture in real time, adjust size and placement, and explore endless design possibilities. Perfect for interior designers, architects, and anyone who loves to experiment with different desig

About 70 million people in this world are unable to communicate with us properly due to their inability to speak or hear. What we sought to create was an innovative product that would be accessible to

A tool used to manage docker containers like auto updating the images, creating the new version of the container etc with a simple UI eliminating the need to type the long commands in the terminal.

An Application and an AI Library can able to train NLP Chatbot Model with own custome dataset. User or Developer can able to train the AI NLP chat bot Model by uploading their custome dataset.

Cherava, a web based scraper environment that focuses on simplicity.

VisualIT is a web app for visualizing a bunch of different sorting algorithms like merge sort , bubble sort ,etc.

This project contains minor and major improvements in CircuitVerse core repositories

Computer vision is a highly booming technology where a lot of data are handled. As the data usage is too much there is a lack of data annotation/training tools. Our aim is to develop an opensource too

The Vizhi Tamil App is an open source android application that is incredibly useful for individuals who are visually impaired. Developed with Kotlin, this app utilizes the trained Tesseract model and

Getting word meaning from wkitionary, while selecting the word in browser for any website.

An firefox addon for a wikipedia that enables the wiki user to edit the wikipage without going into editmode. They can spot a mistake in UI and double click on it and edit it.

anyone can create and deploy crypto currencies that can flow and also if needed they can add liquidity to their created supertokens.

Local-first, Opensource IDE for Exploring and Testing API's

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A platform where users can choose architects, compare them, get quotes, auction designs and buy fitments and other selected accessories.

This is cloning page of netflix

An emotional indicator to music.

The objective of this project is to develop a system that can efficiently search for the best open source contributor based on the specific needs of the company. This will help the company to find the

DevDoctors is a project to save lives through code by contributing to the FOSSHack 3.0 Partner Project-Care CARE is a Digital Public Good enabling TeleICU & Decentralised Administration of Healthcare

A web app that helps the project manager to keep track of the team members' progress and find the best path to approach a project .

This app is created for farmers through which they can check their plant disease by clicking their plants leaf picture and get soln too,we have feature for farmer to sell their products without the in

Autoscale Anything Anywhere All at once!

Our bookmark extension project is designed to help users mark and save specific sections of web pages or articles for future reference. With our extension, users can easily highlight and bookmark impo

A Shooter Game which helps you learn Languages in a fun and engaging way.

\*\*An aggregator for aggregators!\*\* A web application to aggregate data from various e-commerce websites like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, etc. and provide the user with the best price for the product

Contribute safety datasets to build a safety model for OpenAssistant(an open-source alternative to ChatGPT). The safety model will flag potentially malicious user requests and nudge OpenAssistant to r

A one stop educational hub for KTU scholars, with access to Syllabi, Class Notes, Previous Year Question Papers, Resources to develop our skill-set and SGPA calculator and Result Analyser.

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A tool that helps the user in managing his/her finances, using Gmail API, fetching data from bank alert emails

Whatever the occasion, from house parties to weddings, there may be times when the food was prepared in excess and we almost threw it away. Yet, did you know that 828 million people go to bed hungry?

CareerTrack is a web app designed to help users track and analyze job opportunities. Our app helps to improve productivity and saves time spent on regularly checking mails as well. Email is also track

Simple, but revolutionary.

Contributions to partner projects react-play and learn-awesome

Lockfree data structures in OCaml Multicore

Extract, rotate, and delete pages instantly, or combine PDFs, all in just a few clicks.

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This browser extension lets users to quickly segregate Youtube video notes, create timestamps.

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The Open Source Resume Analyzer project is a powerful tool designed to help recruiters and hiring managers analyze and assess job applicants' resumes quickly and easily.

A one stop shop for all your image conversion needs, for frontend devs

Sending emails can be a time-consuming and tedious task, especially when sending messages to a large group of recipients. Mailman is a mass email sending tool that can help streamline this process, sa

Bon-Voyage allows users to compare the costs and travel times of buses, trains, and planes while moving from one location to another, thereby saving a tonne of time.

We will be creating a website/webapp by integrating ML algorithms which analyses the past data of weather across India and predicts the future weather. Furthermore, this model can also predict humidit

PodCli is a open source and free software that delivers short and crisp summaries of lengthy and boring videos and audios of Podcast

This tool provides a visual representation of the time remaining until the next exam, helping aspirants plan their study schedules accordingly.

Photon is a cross-platform file-transfer application built using flutter. It uses http to transfer files between devices. You can transfer files between devices that run Photon.

A snappy minimal mail UI client that: - Exposes a RESTful interface that maybe used to extend the client/interact with it in a more user friendly manner - Does not use the standard `mbox`, `maildir` f

Lama2 is a plain-text powered API client/manager. It is a FOSS replacement for tools such as Postman/Insomnia, with a git-oriented workflow. Lama2 arguably has one of the cleanest syntax for API specs

Scalable online shopping website using python and Django.

A free and open-source DNA Sequencing/Visualization software for bioinformatics research.

Codehere is a learning platform which helps you to take your basic coding skill to the application level.

Free and open source alternative for notepad with much added features .

Precio is a comprehensive application designed to assist modern farmers in optimizing their agricultural operations by incorporating precision farming practices.

WRAP features the best waste management system for rapidly growing cities. An online platform for e-waste buyers, sellers and all other kinds of waste management industries. WRAP mainly serves as a pl

Let me introduce you to Form Ease, the best software for quickly building interesting quizzes! You can quickly turn your quiz questions from a sheet into a fully-featured quiz web app that users can a

Seiri is an Open Source Project Management System which is a web-based tool designed for managing projects, tasks, and resources. This project management system is designed to be open source, customiz

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Command lines are no more boring to work on.User will get random Game suggestions when typing bored on linux/windows/mac

SafeChat is a open-source and secure chat app that prioritizes security in every aspect. It's easy to use and provides a platform for the secure exchange of confidential data. SafeChat provides a sec

Our goal is to control a snake and eat as many food items as possible without running into any obstacles.

An Open Source mobile app for tracking and reporting civic issues such as potholes, streetlight outages, and garbage collection. This app allows users to take a photo of the issue and submit it along

A platform where the user can upload their urine and blood test results and can get suggestions on how to improve their health condition

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Hangman is a word-guessing game where the user has to use his/her wits to figure out the word

It allows users to quickly retrieve and insert commonly used code snippets into their current projects, saving time and effort.

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An emotional indicator to music.

A useful tool that allows you to know who is currently at your hostel.

Develop a user friendly block mario game using js and html canvas

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UniNet is a platform for College students to showcase their skills and collaborate with other students.

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Freetube is an existing client for watching youtube videos without tracking from Google. We revamped it to look more modern.

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the open-source tool for pixel-perfect website migrations. Compare screenshots to achieve a perfect match when migrating to a new stack or spotting differences in similar web pages.

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Contributes to vaishakh3/Lipsum.

This is a basic method of detecting fraud in credit card transactions through the various identification markers present.

A Chrome extension for those who are tired of being followed around the internet like a lost puppy! This detects annoying trackers on websites and gives you the power to block them with just a click o

Password Generation | Encryption | Browser Integration | Opensource

As the name of the project suggests it's a download manager that uses Golang.

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We r making which help the farmers in all kinds of way like providing suitable information regarding the crops,fertilizers and pesticides and helping the farmers to get the equipments in suitable pric

An anti-spam and fraud detection technology, Similar to Truecaller, that identifies the bank-verified names of associated phone numbers in order to avoid spam and fraud.In contrast to Truecaller, wher

DigiBot - An AI assistant that interacts with its users via voice and text. DigiBot can answer questions on a wide variety of topics including literature, general knowledge and programming. An early

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This is a product that lets you automate complex online tasks across multiple websites and webapps by describing them in natural language. For example: "Register on Google Domains. Then s

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Group sync play video on any web page

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A tiny project that strives to create an impact

A graphical interface for easily reporting emergencies such as accidents,fires etc more easily and efficiently. Alerts all departments necessary and shows the details in a visually mapped way

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The goal of this project is to build an anonymous reporting system against drugs and drug trafficking. The system will be built as a web app, which can also be easily converted to a mobile app. The sy

The IOT industry protection system using Arduino is a system designed to protect industries from losses due to accidents using Internet of things

Backtesting historical stock data.

All-in-one commerce platform Sell anywhere you want from one platform. From Direct2Customer to retail to Business2Business to social media, sell across every channel and marketโ€”from one dynamic platfo

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Cactus is an open source backend with integrated database with data validation, entity/relationship builder and REST apis.

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A platform to host meetups, hackathons and conferences

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Self-hosted, lightweight IoT backend platform for managing IoT hardware devices with device monitoring, data collection and more inspired by Firebase.

A platform for womens to empower her mental health by monitoring and also develop her skills in three concepts of learning which is learn from expertise, learn from intraction and learn from experienc

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Artessa is a graphic design platform that allows users to create a wide variety of visual content, including social media graphics, presentations, posters, flyers, and more. An app like this would lik

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we tried to clone the modern food websites.

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Improving website security using extension

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A disaster relief app is designed to address a specific problem related to disaster relief and preparedness. The app provides a unique and innovative solution that can help individuals and communities

"OrbitClean" is a mobile application designed to help clean up space debris and prevent collisions with active spacecraft.

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Browser extension for picture in picture mode

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Flicker is a video editor app that allows users to create stunning screencasts from their recordings. With a user-friendly interface and a variety of templates, users can easily customize their videos

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Its actually ColorPick An Image colour segmention into different colours uisng watershed algorithm using Computer Vision and python

A machine learning project to detect crops and weeds in an agricultural field and provide appropriate data for supplying needed fertilizers and nutrients for the plants.

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NetFuse is an self hosted solution to provide http and tcp tunelling with internal network management solution

Create a swagger collection for Listmonk APIs

1.1 Purpose From the BikeBook people would be able to rent the bike from a specific renting point. And they can rent the bike for that specific time period and after their use, they can submit the bik

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gives weather info of a particular area

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Seyrek is an open source website that gives information about hackathons and other tech events. Here you can ask and solve your questions and answers. It also helps you share your experiences and let

This code was created in-order to show a small demo about how the train ticket reservations can be done in a basic c programming language. This comprises of reservations, cancellations and to display

Pomodoro apps are digital tools that help individuals apply the Pomodoro Technique to their work.

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A Company Which Strives to Provide solutions on Daily basis Problems.

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Dypres allows presentations that are tailored to the specific needs of the audience, and that can be updated on the fly to ensure that the most relevant and up-to-date information is always being pres

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Home Assistant is a super well known Open Source Home Automation System ๐Ÿก๐Ÿ’ซ We'd like to bring a fresh new touch to the IDEA of Home Automation, with focus on making a personal statement. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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well in this project were trying to improve and customize a simple weather forecast app

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Freedom from the conventional way of writing notes.

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Google Maps for learning things on the web

Overcoming with one technical solution to detect the faults which are striking in Underground cables with the help of in-build ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) of the Raspberry pi Pico controller kit

This is a app that will allow you to effectively organise your whether its your academic notes or your work notes or just general notes

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Envixi( is aimed at helping businesses manage, monitor and improve their ESG performance.

A GUI for mssautoplot CLI would let users download hundreds of plots with configured parameters in a user-friendly manner.

Screen Recorder extension for Chrome like Loom ( Features \* Users will be able to capture full screen and also their camera which will be displayed as an overlay over the screen

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It's a website where students can attend their online classes on time.The students can join the online class through the dash board where timetable is displayed.They can join the class by just clickin

Renarration Web is a set of browser based tools for creation of alternative content to existing websites so that the pages are accessible to low-literate people.

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Chat Bot project is a desktop application which is developed in Python platform

SAAS Boilerplate in Python and FastAPI to build micro-saas software quickly.

An open source website for farmers and traders to bid food crops.

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Personal Finance Manager: Single place to track all transactions (upload different types of transactions), Dashboard to view monthly expenses, to add/view notes from personal analysis, track action it

University database have two main entites with STUDENT and FACULTY.Each entity have different attributes like id,name,phone number etc.. Searching of the required data is available,updating the data i

This project of machine learning Face Recognition based Attendance System. As the name says this project takes attendance using biometrics (in this case face).

A platform user come and make there digital avatar by minimum input

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A simple task management application

BotMate enables easy and speedy Telegram bot building using web based application, with custom JavaScript code writing using built-in functions for commands management, message sending, and more. It c

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A specification and library to read e-PAN QR codes, created by reverse-engineering the Android mobile application.

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Adding newer collaborative filtering algorithm to the python package implicit

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A fun game to relax and enjoy few moments with your close onws!!

Replaces '' with '' in URLs Automatically .

Chit funds as a financial instrument have many strengths and weaknesses (in operations and administration). Blockchain can be leveraged to address many of the challenges, which would reduce the inform

This Project aims at automating the entire data preprocessing workflow. This helps ML Engineers by allowing them to focus on formulating algorithms for training of ML models with improved accuracy rat

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Run and monitor workflows as code from the terminal

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We tried to clone Spotify website

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A stock market trading simulator

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This is an application which is really helpful for adventure lovers, who go for trekking in the wild. It detects the plants and gives its details which may be very helpful for trekkers.

The linux UI redesign project is a comprehensive effort to overhaul the user interface of linux operating system.

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An open-source software to maximize your time and minimize your effort by making time efficient schedules minute by minute for you:))

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TIDBITS is a machine-learning based model that makes use of CNN algorithm for detection of tumors in the MRI scans of the human brain. This brain tumor detection system helps in aiding towards improve

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think\_tank is a web based game which allows users to create a quiz and allow their friends to participate and play the game. This webapp would be built using MERN stack. This webapp would help college

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An Open Source web app that allow you to issue personalized and verifiable certificates and badges in ease. Includes end-to-end functionality for awarding event/course certificates from template creat

It is an UI for a cart where we can see a lot of vegetables. It is like a vegetable online store. I fetched the vegetable details from an API and showed them to the frontend. The UI is created using R

A student's life is often considered as the time he/she develops, learns new things, gets experiences and along with it, he/she goes through a variety of grievances be it financial, institutional, per

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Project x is an open source project by Pro hub.This is one of the good idea for start up.

An LED badge is a fun way to introduce yourself and make new friends. What's the bummer ? They come with tools for .... Windows. Not Linux. Hence this project!

Supposing there is no mobile network in particular area but there is internet access (Wi-Fi/LAN) and we need an OTP for accessing a particular application (Android/Web). How can we authenticate mobile

As part of hackthon , need to work on accessibility for listmonk

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A mental health social media app providing a safe space for discussing issues, connecting with others, and accessing resources.

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With the help of the top "no-code" software development platform, XeroCodee, anyone can create, publish, and maintain their own software applications, tech products, or tools to address business issue

Papad ( is a community media archiving platform that encourages media fragment annotations and hyper-media networking. For the FOSS Hackathon, we can set up challenges

providing joy, a tiny creative coding library, as a port to p5.js

Diode is an easy to use API proxy to hide your API secrets and add common middlewares without implementing a backend! โœจ

GramUp is a lightweight python program to backup your files. GramUp enables you unlimited cloud backup and easy restore functionality and that too for free. With GramUp, monthly bills for cloud storag

Easily type Indian languages on any app in Mac natively using Varnam as the transliteration engine:

Create a library for MQTT over QUIC, leveraging the concureent streams of QUIC to multiplex the MQTT publishes and subscribes over to seperate streams.

A self-hostable platform to list and sell digital assets like e-books, audio etc. Open Source Gumroad!

A simple open-source, cross-platform, TOTP-based Authenticator for desktop that even your grandma could use :)

5 ๐Ÿ‘

A photo manager with pluggable data storage backends (starting with S3). Instead of paying for 100GB (which won't be used) and handing over pictures to a service provider like google, users can bring

Mr.Green is an online platform to promote environmental activities.

Tool to convert epub file to ReST files for Sphinx

A command line tool written in Python to find the difference between dates. (Project was originally titled dtdiff.)

A Pixel Art Editor

Introduce canned analytics in the field work and data collection platform Avni so that users get some basic reports and insights out of the box when they design their own custom MIS using Avni and sta

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It's a project that keeps track of one's fitness. It displays the user's correct body posture, exercise count, calories burned, and workout day, among other things. It also features an air menu that a

A minimal open-source Netlify alternative to self-host your static website automatically when a pull request is raised on Github.

ParkEazy is a mobile application to connect commuters to safe, secure, and digitized parking spaces within a city.

figlet like program to support Indian languages

You know those days when you don't feel like doing anything? Or when a meeting saps all the energy out of you? With Peppy, you can track them! You log how energetic or motivated you feel throughout t

A self-hosted article saving, note-taking and a personal knowledge management system. Think bookmarking, but on steroids! In an era where self hosted apps are becoming more and more popular and an ag

Oplus is a virtual AI voice is a program that recognises natural language voice commands and does activities on the user's behalf.

Modern open-source knowledge base using markdown

Eating a poor quality diet high in junk food is linked to a higher risk of obesity, depression, digestive issues, heart disease, and stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and early death. And as you might

A browser alert extension that helps you develop a healthy work routine. Cuckoo Dooku reminds you to chill out, stretch, drink water and be the best version of yourself! is a free and open-source web application for event organizers to easily create 'immutable and tamper resistant' certificates powered by Blockchain and NFTs.

Send and recv files with people around you with ease and speed

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An effective open source Engagement Builder UI component to facilitate users to create personalised journey for customer interactions across multiple engagement channels at various stages of customer

Rabbit Hole is a browser extension that tracks your journey through Wikipedia to create a map of your knowledge base. You can then annotate links between articles and add your own notes thereby creati

Auctioneer is a mobile app which keeps auctions for everyone and not only for unique items. It like a game for all classes of people.

3 ๐Ÿ‘

A tracker to track and motivate to learn everyday. Create your targets, monitor your day to day goals to improve your knowledge on topics you like.

This is free one to one video call with chat feature.

An application using Java for a convinient way for data storage and retrieval in Hospitals. Management would be able to store the patient data in mySql database and and perform CRUD operations easily.

This is just a offline billing system made using python, tkinter module and mysql.

This project prevents abusive text content while chatting with others

9 ๐Ÿ‘

A customizable password manager that can store the passwords of the respective Accounts

A specification and library to read e-PAN QR codes, created by reverse-engineering the Android mobile application.

2 ๐Ÿ‘

FOSS Alternative to Medium and LinkedIn.

Intuitively add (and view) bookmarks and annotations to a video file.

4 ๐Ÿ‘

we came up with a solution to convert from standard sheet music formats to a braille-printable format.

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As the car increases in the parking problem also increases at the same pace. This project help in solving the problem with real-time management techniques.

4 ๐Ÿ‘

An OpenSource project which contains documentation and coding good for the first issue.

3 ๐Ÿ‘

A top-down rogue-like game with ASCII characters for sprites.

3 ๐Ÿ‘

Data analytics tool with visual query builder

2 ๐Ÿ‘

firedrill is an open-source malware simulation harness. Test your security controls effectiveness against malicious behaviours.

6 ๐Ÿ‘

A simple GUI that reminds you to take breaks in order to avoid eye fatigue.

0 ๐Ÿ‘

Spell checking reimagined

2 ๐Ÿ‘

A mindfulness app to keep track of your day and its activity in a better way also suggests an activity to keep yourself calm.

1 ๐Ÿ‘

Memebox is your personal meme database and a community wiki. You can bookmark your favourite memes, annotate them and read commentary to stay upto date with Indian Internet culture.

An amazing native language code editor in which you just need to do coding in your own native language. Language in which you are most comfortable. You can write your C++, python or java code in any l

A decentralised distributed cloud storage for unlimited free storage.

0 ๐Ÿ‘

Test New

1 ๐Ÿ‘

Spell checking reimagined

4 ๐Ÿ‘

PaEx(Parallel Executor), / หˆpฤs / - a cloud native distributed process executor template.

A multiplayer game where you are spawned with real players and NPCs and all players look identical, you have to find yourself without being detected and find others by observing their movements.

3 ๐Ÿ‘

Zoom clone with bells and whistles

Canvasboard AI Engine is an android application developed to organize the live class on the Canvas Web Board and schedule the classes for the students.

A python library for automated exploratory data analysis

5 ๐Ÿ‘

Gitgo is an command line based scraper for github and github gist code repositories without using any API with the help of Python.

๐Ÿš€ Generate professional GitHub profile README easily with latest add-ons like visitors count, github stats, etc using minimal UI.

Keep in-code TO-DO comments structured and add automation on it to make life easier

A Complete e-learning package for learner's. Containing video courses,pdf notes,writing area,discussion forum,search answers etc.

Let's get the famous "Recording Indicators" feature of iOS14 to android. Get notified every time a third-party app or a service uses a camera or microphone.

Fika is a modern programming language for the web. It is statically typed, functional and runs on the BEAM (Erlang VM). Fika is designed for building and maintaining scalable web apps without compromi

What if life gave you another chance to learn to love your life again? ebb is an interactive guided journey to reduce anxiety, manage stress and improve your health & happiness.

You just watched an amazing movie and thought "Wow! I wish i could watch more movies like this." and you ask a friend for his/her suggestions? Well, Binge is just the THING ! Binge is a movie recommen

UnTab is a productivity tool to boost your browser workflow.

Democratizing user research management ๐Ÿš€

A documentation tool for all the open source projects to incorporate it easily :)

A UCI compatible Python Chess Engine from scratch.

An interactive Webboard and Learning Management tool for Schools, Colleges, and Universities ๐ŸŒŽ

Our brain isn't linear, so our notes shouldn't be linear too. BrainTree starts a new generation of note taking apps, with its unique graph structure.

A command line client that assists user with auto-prompt of code/commands on CLI, based on text based queries using human-understandable language.

Privacy first and fully local ๐Ÿ”’ FOSS document scanning app that can do a lot more than just scanning โšก

To track all the digital assets of an enterprise and protect them from data leak and exposure.

cmdshow is a CLI tool to create slideshows from images quickly

Helping people achieve financial independence by helping them budget their monthly savings. ๐Ÿ’ธ

MergePRo - A collaboration tool for developers to manage their codebase and Pull Requests efficiently. It integrated directly with the browser so that tracking the flow of your codebase is effortless.

App that maintains record of people to whom you are giving and taking books from.

EduTracker is a FOSS tool for teachers and parents to monitor the progress of students, mainly for elementary classes.

An application to automate basic Machine Learning.

A notes organizer - based on Zettelkasten methodology.

A terminal UI for kubernetes.

It is a chrome extension which will provide additional information about the words in a webpage.

TriKone is a prototype-friendly library of web/mobile components built for the design lovers. With TriKone, we intend to build really cool, contemporary web/mobile components that designers would ba

Doing what we can, with what we have, where we are! Anti-COVIDnet is a full proof end to end system that is capable of monitoring real-time CCTV camera feeds in the concerned area. It is capable of a

Develop Deep Learning models without a single line of code Building Deep Learning models takes a lot of time and needs expertise of the Deep Learning Engineer or Data Scientists in multiple domains in

2 ๐Ÿ‘

A place for social good where one can conduct drives for social welfare or can volunteer for various activities like beach cleaning, plantation drive, food distribution, helping victims during natura

This project (gas detector and alarm)is a useful application in real-time. It plays a major role where there is a need to check the leakage of any hazardous chemicals in places like factories. It can

Rumqtt is a fully open source MQTT ecosystem written in rust for high throughput and efficiency. It's written from scratch to do more with less. More throughput and scale, less money and machines

User App for Django REST Framework with API Views.

NewsUs is a news application that selects the major headlines from various local, national and international sources and presents them to you in a consise manner. All news stories contain only facts,

A web app that helps you understand your body and suggests your diet and exercise plans accordingly.

Email tracker is a webapp that maintains the status of a database of email recipients.

Webhook payload delivery serviceโ€จ: Receive/poll payload from a source, transform and forward to your target

Unable to focus?๐Ÿ˜“ then, try "Focuss"๐ŸŽฏ.Focuss is a mobile application, made for those, who are having a hard time to focus while working.

A Github Resume generator ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€ to create your own personalised resume based on your Github profile. ๐Ÿ”Ž This tool lets you have your resume on a single click.

This is an open source and cross platform project which serves as solution for COVID 19 pandemic.

We are developing an Android app for Those who are undergoing depression.

A universal cross-platform application that allows you to convert from one format to another, whether it be an image, audio or video file.

CodeINN is an instant code editor ๐Ÿ“ƒ, that makes programming and development easier. Practice quickly and directly from your web browser, without any setup needed. CodeINN gives the perfect environment

An app that makes use of a device camera and to make digital copies of notebooks.

A simple and user-friendly graphical interface for pip with support for virtual environments

A simple python package having modules of different algorithms to use in educational purposes.

A decentralized blockchain based protocol to fight fake news

A convolutional neural network based project that converts hand gestures to english alphabet and words as per the american sign language standards

A collaborative (in real-time), version-controlled mind map. Demo:

Move your business online in just a few clicks. No technical knowledge required.

1 ๐Ÿ‘

The only of its kind secure & easy broadcasting and peer-to-peer data transmission app which uses audio for data transfer thereby making it more difficult for social evils to access your digital footp

A trip management app with features to split expenses with ease.

MySQL Backed Locking Primitive

AgriSmart is an app which connects farmer and transporters on a common platform. Where farmers can get connected with Transporters. It features quick booking, pooling feature and push notifications, a

An OS utility that keep track of your multiple copied items and remind you while pasting

MyFirstOpenSource is a project initiative to encourage opensource contribution among all and will be the stepping stone for ones who are eager to enter the world of opensource.

1 ๐Ÿ‘

A tool for video meetings which exposes a virtual camera that blurs backgrounds

This project is based on aurdino and pir sensor it basically works on human motion detection when a room has less amount of light and a human motion is detected it turns on the light

Nirvana is an interactive app designed to help users achieve deep meditative states by allowing them to visualize their brainwaves using an OpenBCI Ganglion board.

This application acts as a bridge between Donors and NGOs, it helps the donor to donate unused medicines to NGOs and further, these medicines are utilized by a needy person. At this platform, NGOs can

QR Code Based Restaurant/Hotel Management Software.

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A simple bookmarking app!

4 ๐Ÿ‘

ProductiveBee is a platform that helps say no to procrastination and be consistent, not every pro is better than a con :)

1 ๐Ÿ‘

RescueX is an app to be used in times of calamities like flood,earthquake,hurricane etc. This mobile app will fetch the coordinates and number of individuals who are to be rescued and plot it on a map

An interactive Webboard and Learning Management tool for Schools, Colleges, and Universities ๐ŸŒŽ

8 ๐Ÿ‘

An opensource project to bring LinkedIn stats and activity on Github. The recruiter will be able to view these stats on GitHub readme and won't require to visit two separate platforms for the same.

1 ๐Ÿ‘

A fake news detection app. One can verify text, images and urls and get fake vs real probability.

1 ๐Ÿ‘

A portal to connect donors and needy.

3 ๐Ÿ‘

Kladi is a very easy to use React state management library.

4 ๐Ÿ‘

An attempt to create a customizable grammarly like service.

0 ๐Ÿ‘

Calendar to save links of programming questions and resources.

1 ๐Ÿ‘

College professors can manage the student attendance using the URL generated each day and the student can fill the form on the specific ID assign to them.

5 ๐Ÿ‘

Share your internet with your friend without Internet? , Introducing CallPACK a dial-up implementation where both parties can send an receive data through GSM voice calls.

Mowgli is the designed environmental website template that is best suited for those who work for the wildlife community. It will also be useful for those looking to open an animal shelter or pet servi

A decision-maker module in golang to make single-stage decisions based on principles such as expectation criterion, minimum regret criterion, etc. and multistage decision using tree structure.

"Male or Female" is what majority of people think when it comes to gender. But there are many many more genders - gender roles, gender identities, and gender expressions. As the humankind begins to un

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Free/Libre Books (or Free Library). Freedom respecting place for writing and reading books.

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A hyperspectral image (HSI) analysis tool written in c++.

The objective is to develop a flutter mobile app version of with offline browsing features by extracting the website JSON.

5 ๐Ÿ‘

A browser extension that suggests better/ethical/local/cheaper alternative products & services than your current tab's URL.

2 ๐Ÿ‘

1-click ML model deployments for easy testing and product integrations.

Automatically generate profile README showing contributions of the user by the language used.

2 ๐Ÿ‘

A super simple, single file, HTML+JS self-hosted calendar and planning app.

1 ๐Ÿ‘

TaxC (TaxCompliance) Is an open source invioice accounting package for small businesses to simplify their GST filing and compliance.

2 ๐Ÿ‘

No-code scrollytelling plugin for CMS

0 ๐Ÿ‘

An app which provides the latest information on the ratings of the famous open source frameworks/libraries.

2 ๐Ÿ‘

a desktop application to show user activity on their PCs, Windows or Linux. Kind of A Digital Wellbeing application for Desktop users.

Plan is to add additional functionality in terms of accesible UI's making data accesible, dashboards, fixing a few existing important bugs in Frappe, build some interesting integrations(currently onl

6 ๐Ÿ‘

A real-time reliable booking service for hospitals.

2 ๐Ÿ‘

A machine learning robot which learns over time

Using AI and NLP, create a human-like avatar with domain expertise that can replicate a personality and give advice if asked for opinions on certain topics.

A lightweight collaborative notebook where the teacher and all the students can collaborate easily on taking notes and stuff.

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WordPress Site explorer using the WP REST API

3 ๐Ÿ‘

A distributed, decentralized,end-to-end encrypted logging framework. Built for inerplanteory logging

4 ๐Ÿ‘

Create a GUI integration for wildfirepy ( Wildfirepy is a Python library for Wildfire GIS data analysis.

5 ๐Ÿ‘

It is a multiprocessing Unix based OS having support for process scheduling, synchronization, and system calls.

1 ๐Ÿ‘

A retro game will be recreated

1 ๐Ÿ‘

Converting any PDF to audio

0 ๐Ÿ‘

An app to facilitate ML

A Indian Dating App with a new taste of Dating and hooking up ๐Ÿ˜‰

The app collects the userโ€™s location. It then uses it to gather and show the pollution levels in the air around the userโ€™s region. This task is done by grabbing real time data from various monitoring

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FOSS-Connect is a platform where FOSS developers can come together and interact with one another, share their work, give and take feedback and interact in a community forum to get their questions answ

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Make clean newsletters easily! Plug and play functionality to automate newsletter generation!

9 ๐Ÿ‘

Golang ODM for DynamoDB

2 ๐Ÿ‘

Light weight and easy to use JS library for authentication.

This service provides a virtual theatre experience where a group of individuals can watch a video/photos etc collobataively.

Web application to create new chits, maintain details of chit constituents. Reports etc.

3 ๐Ÿ‘

Smart Adverse Drug Reaction Assessment Tools, aims to use AI to detect signals of Adverse Drug Reactions(ADRs) and predict Disease Trends in a location/population from Social Media. It aims to use Dat

3 ๐Ÿ‘

Facilitating developer to write clean code by giving on demand core reviews

Authentication mechanism for individuals to have full right over their privacy by utilizing cryptographic key pairs for authentication with websites.

A blockchain-based attendance system for colleges. A decentralized attendance system would provide data management and also secure system.

2 ๐Ÿ‘

helpful for students

4 ๐Ÿ‘

***โ€œThe idea is to create a GitHub of Mediaโ€***

The code for this app!

5 ๐Ÿ‘

An awesome template for any school/college/organization that will help them to create their YearBook without putting much effort into developing one from zero.

7 ๐Ÿ‘

An HTML5 Gaming Sandbox with Joystick support.

This project aims to develop an AI based audio denoising system. We plan to build this system with the help of Autoencoder.

3 ๐Ÿ‘

This is a music taste recognition app. It suggests songs based in the listening pattern of the user.

Priority Surveyor is a website that will set a "priority number" for all service requests registered in a company on the basis of company set parameters, at the time of registering the request itself.

3 ๐Ÿ‘

Triviator is an open source self hosted trivia platform where people can create and play trivia games.

1 ๐Ÿ‘

Make a cartoon of a given image

Audio & Music Processing Library in R

1 ๐Ÿ‘


Augmented reality based education app which can be used to teach different concepts with videos , 3d models and can be explained in regional languages.

3 ๐Ÿ‘

An innovative asset pipeline, bridging the gap between designers and developers.

1 ๐Ÿ‘

An application where user can obtain item and admin can add an item

2 ๐Ÿ‘

A simple and powerful project management tool for any agile team

2 ๐Ÿ‘

The Extcap interface is a versatile plugin interface that allows external binaries to act as capture interfaces directly in Wireshark. It is used in scenarios, where the source of the capture is not a

2 ๐Ÿ‘

Netflix Party but for group studies

0 ๐Ÿ‘

Elemento/ Customizable Portfolio is a website to be built using MERN stack allowing users to download (one or multiple selected elements/components) or contribute to the code base/ portfolio like comp

Fact Checkers and Journalists fighting misinformation need a reliable way to store and search millions of images, audios and videos circulating on chat apps and social media. Since a lot of this data

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CritiqueBrainz is a repository for Creative Commons licensed reviews.

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An android app for finding people who want to reach the same travel destination as we want to.

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Linkmon is the self hosted opensource version of

โ€ข Designed and developed a user-friendly website that helps students to connect with association members and alumni, ensured smooth user experience and a proper feedback system Link to website: www.c

Notification Management for subgroups/departments inside an organization. - Push Notification - Resource Sharing

5 ๐Ÿ‘

A Twitter clone for communities

This Project is used to gives the temperature of the particular location which is general,but along with this it also gives the co-ordinates and wind speed.

5 ๐Ÿ‘

Notify is an application, which provides a solution to the problem of organizing notes. It includes copying or snipping the data with the help of our desktop and mobile app which will work in the back