React and the Chamber of Innovations: Explore the Magic of Version 19

Shivam Katare
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React 19 Beta has been released. It offers more flexibility with many exciting features. React 18 is great, but, React 19 introduced:

  • New hooks
  • A new way to handle form submissions
  • React Server component and more

With all these features, it's worth learning and using React 19 now. In this talk, we will use one of its biggest features: Actions with the new hooks that have been introduced. With this, we’ll cover a step-by-step guide for upgrading our app to React 19.


  • We'll cover the Actions feature, which simplifies managing interactions with DOM elements, especially with forms and data fetching.
  • We’ll learn how Actions streamline async operations, handle pending states, enable optimistic updates, and automate error handling.
  • Also, understand the benefits of using Actions for form submissions

New Hooks:

  • Next, we will look into the new hooks introduced in React 19 Beta, such as useActionState and useOptimistic, and learn how they help developers to build more responsive and efficient applications.
  • We will explore how useActionState simplifies common use cases for Actions, and how useOptimistic enables optimistic updates for a smoother user experience.

All these topics will be covered through code walkthroughs, snippets, live explanations, and short demos. This 20-minute talk will give you a clear understanding of the new features in React 19. The talk focuses on the most important information first to ensure that you get the most out of it.

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I am a front-end developer with a passion for creating user interfaces. With more than 2 years of experience, I have worked with various tech stacks, but my favorites are JavaScript and Typescript-based frameworks and libraries. I like contributing to open-source projects and being active in open-source communities. I have learned most of my skills by contributing to open-source projects such as ReactPlay, Eddihub's project BioDrop, and many more.

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The proposal is thorough so i'm voting for "Accepted". But instead of focusing on "what" new features were introduced in React 19 Beta, it would be more interesting to the audience, in my humble opinion, to talk about "why" the new features were introduced. "Why" are these features relevant in React 19, do they enable React to do something that wasn't possible before, do they help the developer to write less code, do they improve the overall architecture of the application, etc. Understanding the reasons behind "why" a major release introduces a feature helps the community understand the direction that the project is going towards, which helps us become better developers.
Approved rahulporuri 2 months ago
The talk seems interesting but would want to know how it would be represented from the changelog page. Live Demo would be ideal.
Not Sure delta231 2 months ago